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UAOHN 2016 Annual Conference- Appreciation of Thanks

Posted about 2 years ago by Kelsie Anderson

All Members and Followers,

Just a little note to personally thank those of you for attending and supporting the Utah Association of Occupational Health Nurses Annual Education Conference November 11, 2016. Without your support we could not have accomplished the program we had. We are under construction, per se, as we strive to build our organization to be stronger than ever before.

Several attendees praised the hard work and dedication of our organization and we, the BoD, owe you a very special thanks for making this all happen. We had a wonderful turnout and excitement throughout. Our speakers did an amazing job and kept our interest throughout.

Our sponsors were very generous and we cannot thank them enough (Weber State Nursing Program, SWC HealthWorks, Intermountain Health Care, Kimberly Clark, Moore Medical, Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environment Health, and Utah Fire Equipment).

Be sure to watch for the power points from the meeting and other pertinent information as we move forward.

The UAOHN BoD will continue to be active and available as we progress. We appreciate your feedback and will take note to make our next events just that much better! If you have any suggestions for future meetings, improvements on this one or the past spring meeting 2016, we want to hear from you. You can comment directly to this announcement or find our contact information under the tab, "Contact Us". All feedback is very valuable.

Remember, as some asked at the meeting, you can find AAOHN membership information right here on our website. Please look to your left at the index on main page and click on "AAOHN Membership" link. Becoming a member has many benefits!!

Encourage all your co-workers and any interested colleagues to "Follow" our website and our social media Facebook page, Utah Association of Occupational Health Nurses (UAOHN).

Thank you again!!!


Kelsie Anderson, Sharon Peterson, Kim Kap, Michelle Baum, Michael Sanford, and Collette Renstrom


Dianne Stewart almost 2 years ago

Thanks to Kelsie and the BoD for an awesome day. Your organization of the speakers, the venue, and the number of attendees is to be commended. It is a lot of work to put on such and event and I thank you for your dedication to UAOHN/AAOHN.

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