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Proposed Name Change AAOHN to ANWH- Vote Nov1-21st

Posted almost 2 years ago by Kelsie Anderson

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UAOHN Members!

Are you aware of the election coming in November? Do you know that the AAOHN is in favor of changing the name to Association of Nurses for Worker Health (ANWH)? There are many concerns you may have and we want you to make the most informed decision you can.


Proposed Amendment Article 1


The name of the association shall be the Association of Nurses for Worker Health (ANWH)


Some concerns noted:

  1. What is the cost to National office to make the changes?
  2. All local chapters of AAOHN will need to change their bylaws, bank accounts, information with the secretary of state, policy manual, logo, state chapter flag, Website- May cost money to make these changes but definitely will take time.
  3. Will this be the last straw for AAOHN chapters who may be struggling?
  4. What will happen to affiliations of ABOHN- American Board of Occupational Health Nurses? COHN/COHNs certifications, FAAOHN members?
  5. Could resources be put to better use?


These were some of the concerns floating around and have been answered by the FAQs sheet included as an attachment. If you have any other concerns not listed above please get involved and ask! We have less than a week before voting begins.


You can send a personal email or leave a comment here for open discussion.


Thank you for taking the time to read and participate in this important matter

We want to know what YOU think!





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