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AAOHN Elections Committee- ELECTION TIME

Posted over 2 years ago by Kelsie Anderson

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Are you a member looking to get involved just a bit more? The meetings are by conference call and not too time-consuming and allows you the opportunity to provide service to our national organization.

The AAOHN need at least two candidates for the Mountain Western region and they need to receive their paperwork by August 24th.

Please send nominee names and contact information to Beverly Nuchols, Mountain West Representative nucholb@sutterhealth.org (Phone: 510-727-3067 & Fax: 510-727-3397) and Janae Bell, Operations Coordinator at AAOHN National office jabell@aaohn.org  (Phone: 312-673-5377 & Fax: 312-673-6719). Janae will reach out to candidates to help them complete the required documentation by the August 24th deadline.

Interested Candidates please go here and read the attached job description:



Kelsie Anderson MSN, RN

UAOHN President








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